When we launched Shop Our Town! In April 2020, our mission was simple – provide local small businesses with a free updatable directory, making it easier for locals to shop local.

We soon realized that there was a larger need.

A digital directory is only as effective as the digital footprint of the members. As local businesses joined Shop Our Town!, we discovered many didn’t have websites, or Facebook pages, or Instagram accounts, or Google Business listings, or they DID have a digital presence, but it hadn’t been updated in years.

For Shop Our Town! to succeed, we had to help our members become easier to shop!

We teamed up with the Delhi District Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Simcoe BIA, found some funding and started assessing our member’s digital needs, then taking action on those assessments.

We understand small-town, small businesses, and we understand that the strategies that work in large population centres just don’t work here.

So, we created strategies that do.

And then we made it affordable.

We build what works for our market – there are no cookie-cutter long-distance solutions here. Whether it’s regular strategic consultation to guide a business owner who simply needs some support, creating web or blog content, social media strategy and content, website development or branding, we are here to help.